[YunJae] 120922 Brownie …. cz of a Dog??

We meet again in only a week ahahah~ So happy that i can “see” YunJae things this lately, and thanks for them, YunJae XD.

Yesterday, our beloved TVXQ release “Catch Me” MV teaser~ and days ago also released their photo teaser. From what their stuffs teaser of comeback, we can see, how a “Dog” is just like a new members of TVXQ! ahahah~
Look at their photo teaser:

and their MV teaser and an audio of their medley songs!
here and here! And see? Lets get focus to the “Dog”. Not only me who think that the “Dog” is the one who very lucky this time, rite? Rise ur beauty hands if u did just like me AHAHAHHAHA~

Back to the topics.
Today, JJ also tweeted 2 photos of him, a day after TVXQ release their stuffs teaser of comeback.
First JJ tweeted this:

and says: “Brownie bite him!”

Talk about “Brownie”. “Brownie” itself has another meaning is “Jealous” and how JJ’s type “Brownie bite him”, sounds like his Dog- doll name is also “Brownie”, rite?^^~~
Back to JJ’s photo, please take a look at the size of both of the dogs, JJ’s brownie and “him”, “him” is bigger than Brownie, rite? And lets call brownie as a “Puppy”. About this “Puppy” please read here!. And take a look at YH’s dog at the teaser photo at above~ Ok, i think it’s a lil bit confusing, dont u? cz i do, dont know how i explain it out with easy ways AHAHAHAHAHA lol~ But i mean in here, “him” on JJ’s 1st photo is the Dog on YH’s photos, JJ ask his “Brownie” to bite “him”, as i said, i’m not the only one who got jealous cz of the Dog rite? is JJ also jealous? ^^~~

Next, JJ uploaded one photo again, this time is:

and says: “Brownie?”
Well~ at the first, i said, “Brownie” has another meanings, is “Jealous” so? Do u get what my point here?^^~~ Even he has another reason why he said that, but please, with thus dog-dolls? Is that match with his said of “Jealous”?!? No, it’s not~

and then, the last photos is… the victory of cats

What he means of “the victory of cats”?? After all of this dog- things, why he suddenly upload a cats together with a belt to his brownie? And am i wrong if i said, cats means JJ himself? It means, JJ is always won to everything about “who- is- close- to- his YH-” even it’s only a dog? ^^~~

After all~ “Catch me if u wanna”~~

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[YunJae] 120920 Our Bear ….

Hello all, long time no see rite? Is there miss me? eheheh~
Btw ~ I’m not hiatus, please do not say like that~ As u know, i only update this blog if there’r something around that stuck me about “YunJae” things~ and tadaaa~ i’m here to post a lil about that^^~

Emmm~ i think this’s not really good, but i dont know, since nothing to post to this blog, so i’ll only post this aahahaha~

Btw~ u have already know that our Jaejoongie will hold his 1st Fanmeeting in Indonesia this 3rd Nov. 2012, rite?^^~ And the promotor of his event uploaded one pic about his seat plan fanmeeting, here’s the scheme of it, and please take a look:

See? Maybe from what thus pic said, u already know what point of my post, rite?^^~~
Yepp~ Look it’s seat name
“Kitty”, “Elephant”, “Bear” and “Puppy” ~

First, i dont know what basic of the promotor of JJ’s event gave the seat plan by thus names, “Kitty”, “Elephant”, “Bear” and “Puppy”?? Hemm~~ i think this promotor is really kind cz of they gave the seat plan by a name of JJ’s fave “things”. Or maybe, this’s only other possible reason, JJ told them to gave the seat list by this name, Well~ who knows? U know, Selebrity who invited can ask anything, ANYTHING they want to the promotor, whatever it is, so^^~~

And the one who stuck me about this…. is “Bear”. Okeh~ i can deal with “Kitty” cz hello? we arent called JJ for nothing, rite? JJ also known “JaeKitty” by his fans cz his very “All- Kitty-stuffs” and “Elephant”??? Ohhh~ c’mon? U r fans of JJ? Or u r sooooo newbie that u dont know how this guy love elephant soo damn till die ahahhaha~~
and “Puppy”? Who can ignore this cuteness one? and JJ? ohhh~ dont ask me that ahahahah~~ Please go here to read a sweet romant of this -big- “Puppy”~

The last one, but this’s the 3rd name on the list~ and by the way~ JJ’s fave number is also 3 ehehe~
“Bear” ….. u r YJshippers or not, u r OT5 or only YH fans, u absolutely know who is on DBSK called by this “Bear”?? i already mention “YH fans” rite? ehehhe~~
Ohh~ yeahhh~~ he is our Leader-shhi Jung Yunho. AYAYAYYAYYYY!!!
Back to the topic. “Bear” …. Why the promotor gave it as a “Bear”?? Is there any thing about how JJ loves a bear like the “Kitty” and “Elephant”? Or its only me who think there’s NO ONE! XDD~
I will say yes when we talked about this “Bear” is Jung Yunho XDD! Totally say yes ahahahah~~~ and is the promotor one of YJshippers? or the one who asked this seat name is Jae himself? Kick me away from my over imagination ahahahah ~ XDD~
Okehh~ after all, nothing in this world happen without any reason^^~
and this’s only one of episode of YunJae undirect love story 🙂

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[YunJae] 120716 Yun Jae Keeping YunJae Shippers Life! Part 2

Hy ~ all it’s been a long time i didnt update this blog ne? hueeee~~

Btw ~ this post it second part, please be nice to cacth the part 1, here!! Ok~ it’s not even relevant with this one, but just read it lol~

Well~ lets begin^^~

Yesterday, our lovely HoMin’s Music Japan aired, here! As before, it wud be a lil “interview”, in here to catch the engsub of the vid and here to catch the summary!

On the interview, the MC brought 2 dolls and Yunho choosed the male/ boy one, and MC asked him to gives  it a name, and what the?
Yunho gaves the doll name as “Yunja”, he said cz his name is “Yunho” so he gave it the name as “Yunja” ~ but please wait~ “Yunho” and “Yunja”?? Ok~ please correct me if i really didnt see any reason of him why he used to “Yunja” name -___________-
why he shud gaves it name “Yunja”?? Well~ honestly, cz i’m totally a YunJaeshippers, first time i read this name on one of my frend timeline, i totally read “Yunjae” not “Yunja” lol~
i’ll kick u if u didnt as me XDDD~
Btw ~ at the end, Yunho changed his doll- name to “Tony” to macth with Changmin’s doll “Jane”. But please, the first answer always be the best and the honest anwer rite?^^~ so?

And the point of my post this time is as the title “Yun Jae Keeping YunJae Shippers Life”.
Even our Yun and Jae didnt share any time together anymore but they keep give us many of “fanservice”~ oh God~ Knowing or not~ our Yun Jae still have thus “strings of love”. They didnt mean to do it for their YunJae fans as just a service, but they really do it cz thats their own way of life!  They keep doing their daily but they didnt know if their activities- stuffs- things are really relevant to each others, as we knew, there’r so may things that so similar/ same between them ^^~

They are meant to be together

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[YunJae] 120622 Our Love is …. Big!!

Hyyyyyy ~ YunJae shippers~ Long time no see (my update) ne? eheheh~
Today i’m sooo on my damn good mood kkkk~
Ok~ let’s move the real topic (?) now^^~

Do u know about the new Korean drama “Big”? Please go here to get the its review^^~
And why i talking about this drama? Am i change this blog to “Drama- Lover- Zone”? Well~ ofc not nyahahahhaha~ -_-
I’m talking about this one cz it’s related to our YunJae’s love story (?) XDDD~

Today ~ okeh, actually it’s yesterday, Yunho spotted by fans visited “Big” set filming (here!). Fans who spotted him says he actually go there to visit his frend which is the drama’s script writer (here!).
But wait … wait !! Why he cames to the set that suddenly?
Why? That single question is dancing on my mind lol~ Ok~ i know, he shud go to there must be to support his frend but is there any possible reasom why he did? hemmmmm~~

Okeh~ Lets back to the date when JJ updated his twitter at June, 13th 2012 (here!)
He uploaded a photo with:

JJ: Ah it’s so funny.. I really thought it was me.. ㅋ

well ~ u shud know that thus photo is from one of “Big” drama scene. AND!! the guy whos on the pic is Gong Yoo as “Yoon Jae” on the drama!! So?

Is JJ asked Yunho that he loves to wacthing “Big” so he visited the set and thanked the script writer by gave the lead name as “Yoon Jae“? Okeh~ i’m goin’ to out of fact, i guess? nyahahah ~ ^^v

What can i say is … U guys too sweet to be ingnored lol~ u guys tooo obvious^^~~~

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[YunJae] 120611 My Home is …. You

Hy all ~ before i wanna say “Happy 5th Anniversary” for YunJae and for all of us, YunJaeshipers^^~ .

By the way~ do u still remember the unforgetable day that just happened yestederday? Me? I cant forget it ever! OMG~ we can get all our SEVEN HASTAGS, SEVEN!!! on TTWW in less 24 hrs! are we DAEBAK rite? Well ~ at first, we only planned 2 rounds to celeberated the Day, are 1st for “#YunJae5thAnni” and second is “YunJaeTime“, and awesome, both of them got 3rd and 7th place on TTWW list at the same day 00:00 KST and 18:00 KST. But u know, there’r a fans and ofc there’r also an anti- fans. To what i know, when i was stalking the timeline related to this case, there’r some or many anti- fans also made a way to “preclude” our hastag into the TTWW so thats why another “hastags” were came, they are “#ForeverwithYJ” at around 18:00- 19:00 KST and it got 3rd place on TTWW, then “#WeMissYunJae” at around 21:00 KST and it got 2nd place on TTWW, then “#BelieveinYunJae” at around at around 21:00- 22:00 KST and it got 2nd and then 1st place on TTWW ^^~ next our hastag for “#LetMjjejeGoHomeToMeetYunho” at around 22:00- 23:00 KST got 3rd place on TWW. And the last for our hastag for YunJae shippers themselves, is “#YunJaeShippersUnfogetableDay” at around 23:00- onwards KST got 5th then 3rd place on TTWW!!!!
WE ARE AWESOME! But honestly, at the fisrt i think most of us will give up, u know, emmm- eheheheh~ but least, we did!! WE ABSOLUTELY DID IT^^~

Okeh ~ let’s go to the main topic of this post nyeheheheh~~~

Yesterday at 10 June 2012, JaeJoong updated his twitter by posting 4 tweets (here!) , one of them is

I just want to go home!” together with a photos “emo/ sad” of him:

Well ~ maybe he got his limit cz his filming drama “Dr. Jin” but this’s not like our Hero Jaejoong, eh? I know, i know even he love his filming and working really hard, after all he just an ordinary human that sometimes got limit. But, but, but, buttttttttttt why? After this all filmings, why he tweeted that just today, at 10 June 5:01pm KST???!!!!!

Well ~ lets move to the “i-think-the-reason-is
HoMin were goin’ back to Korea after held their one of schedules in Taiwan, SM Town (here: PicVid), they landed at Korea at around 5:05pm KST.
So? What do u think of this? Do u think the same as me? Or its only me who think that Jaejoong tweeted thus “I just want to go home!”  cz Yunho will be in Korea soon!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH …. XDDD!

And it “proves” that he also happy then at 5:22pm KST he tweeted:
But cheer up..!!!” together with photos of his happiness xdd:

Well ~ he tweeted it on 5:22pm KST, its around 21mnt after Yunho got Korea, rite? ^^~~ kkkkkkkk~
and Please dont forget this one, on his first tweets, he upoaded a photos of him with long hair, well ~ we all knew that our beloved Leader-sshi love JJ with “his-long-hair” XDD~

he tweeted that at 2:44pm KST , as a “welcome- home” to Yunho at the YunJae’s anniversary day!! MUAHAHAHAHAH!

once Again ~ Happy 5th Anniversary ..
Yunho and Jaejoong
Original size, click!!

cr pic+ vid:   + yunjajam via arinasom

120610 Happy 5th Anniversary YunJae ^^~ ( #YunJae5thAnni ) and ( YunJaeTime )

Original size, click!!

OMG ~ 2007- 2012?!!
YunJae and all the Shippers never die!
cheersss ~

Happy Anniversary

Yunho and Jaejoong!

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[DBSK Fact] 120604 Happy Birthday Micky Yoochun ( #Happy27thYuchun ) ♥

There’r two ways to give a spcial happy b’day… They are, u r the fisrt and the last one who say that ^_______________^

Well ~ i’m not saying that i’m the first to say the happy b’day, but i mean, on my blogspot blog, i posted the happy b’day on 00.00am Korea time, then on my wordpress blog, i’m goin’ to say the happy b’day on 11:59pm Korea time XDD ^________________^

Btw ~ i cant preparing many things for this time, not like our oppa YunJaeMinSu’day ~ and oh no ~ it doesnt mean i didnt love this guy but i really busy so on so eheheheh~

Happy B’day oppa ~
Give u all my best wishes!! Pls keep healthy, long life and always love, dont worry about anything cz for sure, we, ur fans always be here to support u and GBU always Chunnie-oppa ^_____________^

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Once again ~ lets singing together

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